Lowest paid staff to benefit most from national pay award

288 days ago

Carmarthenshire County Council’s lowest paid staff will benefit the most from a national pay award endorsed by Full Council on Wednesday (February 20, 2019), following a comprehensive budget digest made by Executive Board Member for Resources, Cllr David Jenkins.

Staff currently on the equivalent of the Foundation Living Wage, £8.75 per hour, will receive a 4.9 per cent increase in their pay from April.

Other members of staff are in line for a two per cent increase in their wages, in line with a pay award made by the National Joint Council, the negotiating body for Local Government employers.

A new pay spine agreed by Executive Board will be introduced from April 1, which reflects the expectations of the nationally agreed pay award.

The pay offer does not apply to teachers who are covered by separate national pay arrangements, which saw increases of up to 3.5 per cent in September 2018.