Give your litter a lift home

323 days ago

Give your litter a lift home – that’s the message to takeaway and fast-food customers in Carmarthenshire.

A number of restaurants and takeaways in the county have joined forces with the council to launch a new campaign to combat litter.

Signs and posters asking customers to put their rubbish in the bin have been put up and litter-picks are being carried out with the help of the local community at rubbish hot-spots.

Those taking part include McDonald’s in Llanelli, Cross Hands and Carmarthen and Roadchef in Pont Abraham.

Operations manager at Roadchef Judith Beckett said the signs and posters were already making a big difference.
“Since the signs have gone up we have seen a reduction in the amount of litter and an increase in the use of our bins,” she said. “In fact we have had to install more bins and empty them more regularly.”

Figures show that confectionery-type litter and drink-related litter were found on 45.6% and 43.2% of Carmarthenshire streets last year, with fast-food litter on 25.6% of our streets.

And in Wales in general the number of polystyrene cartons and fast-food cups found littered were up on the previous year.

Executive Board Member for the Environment Cllr Hazel Evans said: “There is no excuse for dropping litter on our streets, if there are no bins nearby, then please take your rubbish home with you to dispose of.

“Litter can cause harm to animals and wildlife, it spoils the appearance of an area and it can attract vermin. Hopefully this campaign will encourage people to do the right thing.

“I would like to thank all the takeaway premises and fast-food restaurants for working with us to help clean up Carmarthenshire.”

As well as raising awareness, council environmental enforcement officers will also be increasing patrols and anyone caught dropping litter could be issued with an on-the-spot fine of £75.

Executive Board Member for Public Protection Cllr Philip Hughes said: “We do not want to fine people, we want people to be responsible and put their litter in the bin. However, if people break the law by throwing it out of their car window or because they are just too lazy to walk to a bin, then we will come after you and you will be fined. Research shows that drivers are the worst litterers because they don’t think they will be caught, but we can identify you with the help of the DVLA and we will take action.”

The maximum fine for littering is £2,500 if prosecuted in the magistrates court.