Coronavirus Childcare Assistance Scheme

11 days ago

The Welsh Government has announced that it is providing funding to all local authorities in Wales to support the cost of childcare for pre-school children of parents whose jobs are critical to Wales’ response to COVID-19.

Under the Coronavirus Childcare Assistance Scheme (C-CAS), a parent / guardian is eligible to receive Government-funded childcare if:

They have a child, or children, of pre-school age; and
They are a critical worker;

It is important that parents follow Government advice and keep their children at home where possible to help contain the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19). However, if you are a critical worker, and your child cannot stay at home, then your childcare will be prioritised.

Parents should only apply for childcare to cover their working hours; and if the child/children cannot be cared for by a spouse or other family member.

Evidence of eligibility of critical worker status will be required as part of the application process:

  • Critical worker letter which includes the name and address of the applicant
  • If the letter does not include the name and address of the applicant please supply a recent payslip 

School age children, regardless whether they have a younger sibling, can no longer be funded under C-CAS. Any child who is turning 4 years-old on or before 31/08/2020 cannot be funded alongside younger siblings. C-CAS can only be used to fund pre-school age children.
All parents, including those who already have a childcare provider in place, must complete the online application form on a fortnightly basis.
Applicants will receive an email to confirm their eligibility.
Please also continue to book childcare through your chosen provider as normal. You will be asked by the childcare provider for a copy of your confirmation email and letter.
To find childcare providers that are open to critical workers during the coronavirus pandemic please visit the Family Information Service website.
For vulnerable children, please visit the Family Information Service website or email
For any further information or queries please email

Please note that the scheme is for children aged 0-3 only. C-CAS will be ending on August 31 and parents should prepare to make alternative childcare arrangements after this date.

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