Keeping Carmarthenshire Safe

13 days ago

As the county continues its recovery from the coronavirus pandemic more people are now getting out and about, but extra care needs to be taken to help stop the spread. New measures have been put in place across Carmarthenshire and plenty of signage is being put in place to remind people to be socially responsible.

The message is simple – Respect, Protect and Enjoy. We are asking everyone to:

  • Respect – guidelines, safety measures, local communities and others around you
  • Protect – yourself, other people, and critical services; stay home if you’re unwell and wash your hands often
  • Enjoy – spend your leisure time safely and support local businesses get back on their feet.

We are working closely with businesses to help them operate safely and meet the new guidelines. If you do have any concerns please complete our online form, this will enable us to provide additional support and advice where needed.