Ukraine refugee crisis – how can I help?

51 days ago

We are playing our part in Carmarthenshire to help support some of the refugees coming to the UK from Ukraine.

Officers are working with Welsh Government and having conversations with key external partners, including private landlords and local housing associations, voluntary and charitable organisations and people who have already offered to host families or help in other ways.

We want to be able to offer a full range of support, both for Ukrainian families and host families. This will include housing, employment, education, safeguarding and emotional support.

Here are some of the things we are suggesting that you could do to help:

  • Welcoming a Ukrainian family into their home for a few weeks or months, until a permanent home can be found. If you can offer a safe place to stay for some of the most vulnerable in society, please visit
  • Making a home available to rent to a Ukrainian family
  • Helping to prepare homes ready for a family to move in
  • Helping with transport for newly-arrived families, for example, to attend appointments or to visit friends
  • Interpretation and translation in Ukrainian or Russian languages
  • Helping Ukrainian children with homework outside school hours
  • Using other specialist skills and knowledge which may be needed to help refugee families.

We are currently unaware of when or how this help will be required but if would like to help, please complete our online form and we will be in touch as we have more information. To find out more about how we use your information, please read our Privacy Notice.

Ukraine refugee crisis - Register your support