Free school meals payments

132 days ago

If your child is entitled to free school meals, you will receive payment of £19.50 per child per week during the following:

  • School holidays
  • If you child is instructed by Welsh Government to stay at home for periods other than school holidays
  • If your child is instructed to self-isolate because of a positive case of COVID-19 at their school

You need to apply online to receive this payment. If you have already applied for and received free school meals payments, you do NOT need to apply again.

However, if any more of your children have since started school or your bank details have changed you need to email us.

For additional children who have since started school, please email with the details. You will need to provide your child’s name, date of birth, the name of your child’s school as well as your National Insurance number.

If the bank details you previously supplied to us have changed, please e-mail with the changes. You will need to provide a copy of a recent bank statement or a photograph of your bank card (as long as it shows your name, sort code and account number (Natwest and some other bank cards do not). Unless we are notified of changes, payments will be made to the bank details currently held.

Pupils returning to school

Payments to families in receipt of free school meals will continue for all pupils including Foundation Phase pupils from week commencing February 22 to the end of the spring term.

  • A payment for two weeks will be made during the week commencing February 22 (covering week commencing February 22 and week commencing March 1)
  • A payment for two weeks will be made during the week commencing March 8 (covering week commencing March 8 and week commencing March 15)
  • A further one week payment will be made during week commencing March 22 to cover that week

Please do not contact us as to enquire which day of the week payments will be made as this will vary.

Please note that from March 8, if the kitchen at your child’s school is providing meals and your child has a school meal, the meal will be charged for (£2.55 per day) as this would be a duplication of support i.e. payment and school meal.

All meal charges will be processed via ParentPay accounts. If accounts have not been activated, we will work with individual schools to provide activation letters.

The alternative to having a school meal which will need to be paid for is for families to provide a packed lunch.

Please also note that if a pupil does not attend school as instructed without a valid reason, you could be asked to repay the money received.