Weather alerts - summer 2021

135 days ago

Yellow warning - thunderstorms

A yellow warning has been issued by the Met Office. Some of us may experience thunderstorms and heavy rain from this 8pm tonight and tomorrow.  Be prepared for heavy rain and possible flash flooding. Please take care on the roads and be mindful of changing conditions.

Yellow rain warning

Keep an eye on weather forecasts over the next few days and be prepared for some sudden heavy rain showers from tomorrow afternoon which may be hit and miss. The Met Office has issued a yellow rain warning for Sunday with some heavy and prolonged rain which may lead to flash flooding and difficult driving conditions. Take care

Amber warning of extreme heat

The Met Office has issued an amber warning of extreme heat running from this afternoon until midnight Thursday, with high temperatures forecast by day and night.

Please take extra care and watch out for symptoms of heat exhaustion (dehydration, nausea, fatigue) and other heat related effects including sunburn. Please check on vulnerable friends and neighbours.

If you’re thinking of taking a dip to cool down, please also be mindful of the risks of swimming in the sea, lakes and rivers. Watch out for yourself and others around you.

Weather warning