Funding available to support Carmarthenshire businesses

318 days ago

Two new funding opportunities have become available for Carmarthenshire businesses. 

The Carmarthenshire Rural Enterprise Fund (CREF) can provide financial assistance to businesses and sole traders for the development of new and existing business premises, where jobs are being created as a result. The grant offer is based on job creation and £20,000 is available for every full-time job created or the following intervention rates can apply (whichever is the lesser figure):

Small Businesses: 45%                                                                         

Medium Businesses: 35%

Large Businesses: 25%

As part of the funding support package that is already in place for businesses within the county. Carmarthenshire County Council has now also made  £200,000 available for the Carmarthenshire Business Flood Infrastructure Fund. This funding  aims to support businesses that are repeatedly affected by flooding.

Priority will be given to the applications that provides tangible benefits to the local economy in terms of jobs safeguarded, also to projects where there is a historical risk of flooding and where there is significant economic impact.

Eligible projects will be based in areas of Carmarthenshire that have been subject to repeat significant flood events.

Cllr Gareth John Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Leisure, Culture and Tourism said:

The funding available through the Carmarthenshire Rural Enterprise Fund and the Carmarthenshire Business Flood Infrastructure Fund will enable a number of businesses in Carmarthenshire to expand and create new jobs in rural areas as well as enabling businesses to better protect their premises from the risk of flooding.”