Cabinet approves funding to provide electricity for pitches at Pembrey Country Park Campsite

254 days ago

Pembrey County Park Campsite will soon be able to attract and accommodate more overnight campers at its holiday resort, thanks to financial backing from Carmarthenshire County Council’s Development Fund.

During the Council’s Cabinet meeting, on 18 September 2023, Cabinet Members gave the go-ahead for a loan of £175,000 to be granted to the Council’s Communities Department for an investment to provide electricity to additional pitches at Pembrey Country Park Campsite.

The upgrade to the pitches, including the installation of new Pay As You Go (PAYG) meters, will generate additional income whilst also encourage campers to be more efficient in their use of energy at the site.

The total cost of the project has been calculated at £195,000 with the additional funding of £20,000 to be provided by the Council’s departmental revenue contribution.

The repayments of the loan will start in 2024/2025 and will be at £43,750 per annum over four years.

The upgraded pitches are projected to generate additional income of £34,000 per year for Pembrey County Park Campsite. Added to this is the forecast savings on energy costs, due to PAYG meters being installed.

It is hoped that the additional pitches that will be supplied with electricity will increase availability for overnight visitors, thereby increasing the number of customers and in turn enhance secondary spending both locally and wider within the county.

Cllr. Alun Lenny, Cabinet Member for Resources said: “To date, the Council’s Development Scheme has supported around fifty projects across Carmarthenshire, to the value of approximately £8.36m.
“As a Cabinet, we recognise the benefits that the community of Pembrey and the tourism industry in Carmarthenshire will gain from enhancing the provision of electricity to more pitches at Pembrey Country Park Campsite and we are proud to provide financial backing to the scheme.”