Changes to C11, C12 and C13 school bus route

252 days ago

The following adjustments to the C11, C12 and C13 bus routes from Talog and Penybont will be in operation from Monday 6th November due to an emergency road closure.

C11 will start from Talog (Green Railings) at 8am and run through Abernant, Merthyr, Trawsmawr, Henfwlch Road, Plough & Harrow, Trevaughan to Russell Terrace, picking up pupils for both schools.

Please note that between Talog and the Plough & Harrow the bus will be picking up on the opposite side of the road from the usual arrangements.

C12 will start from Penybont and run as usual (same times, same route) as far as Trawsmawr turn in Bwlchnewydd, picking up pupils for both schools. The bus will then turn left at Trawsmawr turn and run via Knightsford to Russell Terrace.

C11 and C12 will meet with C13 at Russell Terrace to exchange pupils for their usual bus to school. C12 will turn around at Heol Rudd and run via Dairies Club (same route as usual), C11 and C13 will run via Brewery Road (same as usual).

Afternoon arrangements will be the reverse of the above.