Esgairhir Isaf Bwlchnewydd - C2043 road is reopened

210 days ago

The Esgairhir Isaf Bwlchnewydd - C2043 road has today, 22 December 2023, been reopened to vehicles by Carmarthenshire County Council, restoring normal access between Trevaughan and Bwlchnewydd along the C2043.

The section of the road between Bwlchnewydd and Trevaughan has been under an emergency road closure since 30 October 2023, when a landslip caused the road to subside.

The reopening of the road signifies a significant milestone in the enhancement of the county’s road network and Carmarthenshire County Council is grateful to the local community for their patience and understanding throughout the construction process.

With the completion of this engineering phase, further works are scheduled for the Esgairhir Isaf Bwlchnewydd - C2043 road in the new year.

8 January 2024 - Contractors will return to the site to complete the remaining works, which involve necessary highway drainage enhancements. This will require a single-lane closure controlled by temporary two-way traffic signals to ensure safety and efficiency.

30 January 2024 - There will be a full-day road closure to facilitate the required highway surfacing works.

Cabinet Member for Transport, Waste and Infrastructure Services, Cllr Edward Thomas said:

I would like to thank the local community as well as motorists for their patience whilst we carried out this significant engineering work. I’m glad to say that the reopening of the Esgairhir Isaf Bwlchnewydd - C2043 road marks the beginning of a new chapter, where residents and businesses alike will benefit from the restored and improved connectivity. 
Once again, after only last week reopening the Brynseison – Alltwalis A485 road, I would also like to thank the County Council’s Highways and Transport Departments, operational staff and framework contractors for carrying out this engineering feat in such a short space of time, thank you.