Council supports communities impacted by flooding

196 days ago

Following unprecedented intense rainfall on 30 December and 2 January, Carmarthenshire County Council is continuing to support communities and businesses across Carmarthenshire including Llansteffan and Ferryside.

With respect to Llansteffan in particular, the Council have worked in partnership with Dwr Cymru/Welsh Water (DCWW), and excavations have taken place on the beach to alleviate the impacts of the flooding as quickly as possible by encouraging flood water to escape more freely.

With the removal of the water being the initial focus, DCWW deployed a pump to Llansteffan, with additional resources provided by the Council.

At this time, there is no evidence to suggest that the drainage infrastructure has failed. The volume of water entering our systems over a relatively short time has overwhelmed the infrastructure and watercourses, over-topping the Nant Jac and inundating the DCWW and Carmarthenshire County Council owned drainage infrastructure.

Cllr Edward Thomas, Cabinet Member for Transport, Waste and Infrastructure Services said:

Flood water levels have now subsided in Llansteffan and generally elsewhere, which has allowed our focus to shift towards reinstatement and cleaning work as well as assisting in the community where possible to recover from this event. We would encourage anyone cleaning up after flooding to follow Public Health Wales’s advice which can be found on their website.
Our Highways teams are working to maintain the highway network, which has seen significant damage and repairs have already commenced on parts of the network to ensure access to communities.
We would like to assure residents that the Council will provide advice and support to those that have been significantly impacted by flooding and appreciate that this is a particularly challenging time for those affected.
We and partner organisations remain committed to working in collaboration and with local business and communities to manage flood risk and adapt to climate change”.