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25 days ago

14/11/23 No RAAC reported in Carmarthenshire schools

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19/10/23 Investigations continue

09/10/23 Investigations continue

Non-Housing Properties

"An initial survey identified 81 properties within the Education and Social Care estate, constructed between 1944-1999 and/or having flat roof extensions built during this period. These properties were subject to desktop survey to determine the presence of Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC). We are pleased to report that, based on the preliminary results, there is no evidence of RAAC within these properties.

However, to ensure absolute certainty and uphold our commitment to safety, we have decided to conduct an additional comprehensive survey program. This program will involve a thorough assessment specifically focused on isolated flat roof areas, which necessitate further validation. CCC Property Condition Officers have been diligently conducting detailed surveys on these identified properties, gathering essential data concerning the potential presence of RAAC, as well as details regarding flat roof construction and covering.

To date, 27 surveys have been successfully completed as part of this process. We remain steadfast in our dedication to the safety and integrity of our properties."

Housing Properties
Our Housing Stock Condition & Verification Team has now surveyed over 1,000 of our 9,000+ homes, across a range of construction types and RAAC material has not been identified.

Some non-traditional homes have been built using concrete, but most of these were constructed prior to the 1950s in advance of the period when RAAC started being used.

We are following up with targeted inspections of certain estates / property types to determine whether there are any areas for concern in relation to related (but non-RAAC) concrete construction material used in our homes and no issues have been identified to date.

21/09/23 Investigations continue