Ukraine refugee crisis – how can I help?

831 days ago

It has been over a year since the conflict in Ukraine began and Carmarthenshire is still playing its part to help support some of the refugees coming to the UK from Ukraine.

Nearly six and a half thousand Ukrainians have relocated to Wales since March 2022 and as a county we have welcomed over 360 individuals and families; and are continuing to work with Welsh Government to help families fleeing the conflict.

We value all the support that has already been shown by residents, but we are still looking for people who can help us in helping families to adjust to their new home and life here, in Carmarthenshire.

We want to be able to offer a full range of support, both for Ukrainian families and host families. This will include housing, employment, education, safeguarding and emotional support.

Here are some of the things you may be able to do to help:

  • Welcoming a Ukrainian family into their home for a few months until a permanent home can be found. If you can offer a safe place to stay for a Ukrainian household, please contact us so we can give you more information on what is involved. We can help you to match with a family.
  • Making a home available to rent to a Ukrainian family.
  • Interpretation and translation in Ukrainian or Russian languages

Welsh Government have launched a new campaign aimed at encouraging more people to register as hosts to provide accommodation for Ukrainians in Wales.

The campaign will offer families a £500 monthly thank you payment, as well as the non-financial support available. For more information you can visit:

If you have any questions or would like to help, please email us:

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