‘25 Years of Treasures’ exhibition opens at Carmarthenshire Museum

140 days ago

Beautiful objects dating from up to 5,000 years ago in the Bronze Age right up to the present day are now on show in a new exhibition at Carmarthenshire Museum.

25 Years of Treasures: The Portable Antiquities Scheme in Wales opened to the public on Saturday 3 February 2024 will be on display until Friday 3 May 2024. Admission to the museum is free.

The exhibition celebrates the work of the Portable Antiquities Scheme in Wales (PAS Cymru) by showcasing some of the most amazing archaeological treasures reported to the Scheme in Wales since it began in 1999.

The scheme in Wales is a partnership led by Amgueddfa Cymru and in England a partnership led by the British Museum. The scheme encourages the reporting of archaeological objects, found by metal detectorists and other members of the public, including some finds that legally qualify as treasure and are covered by the Treasure Act 1996. Over the last 25 years, PAS Cymru has recorded more than 90,000 objects, including coins, jewellery and weapons. The exhibition presents what positive outcomes can come from a collaborative approach from archaeologists and metal detectorists.

Joining the exhibition are some exciting family-friendly activities. Be an archaeologist by finding all the coins on an archaeology trail around the museum. Put on your dig jackets and find some treasure using mini metal detectors. Or get hands on with the past and discover the museum handling collection.

Cllr. Hazel Evans, Carmarthenshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Leisure, Culture and Tourism said:

This delightful free exhibition marks the conclusion of a successful partnership with Portable Antiquities Scheme Cymru and will be a fascinating experience for visitors.
Carmarthenshire has a long tradition of using its wealth of natural resources to create things of beauty and utility. The objects on display here show the care and craftsmanship of people from Wales throughout history and will inspire visitors of all ages to create and discover for themselves.

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