Cabinet approves Five-Year Capital Programme 2024/25

147 days ago

Carmarthenshire County Council’s Cabinet has approved its Five-Year Capital Programme, which will see £193m of investment within the county over the next five years.

The new programme will see £61m directed towards the Council’s continued commitment for improving school buildings, £12m toward Disability Facilities Grant to help transform the quality of life for many people in their own homes, £34m for regeneration projects to boost economic activity and £16m to complete the City Deal backed Pentre Awel project - which includes a new leisure centre for Llanelli. £43m has been allocated towards improving Carmarthenshire’s local economic highways infrastructure and recycling infrastructure, whilst £21m has been earmarked for critical digital IT hardware and infrastructure. 

This comprehensive and wide-ranging package is supported by funding from the Welsh Government, the UK Government, and the Council’s own resources.

Cllr. Alun Lenny said:

In recent years we have delivered a huge programme of capital investments for the people of Carmarthenshire. Investments in our schools, in our transport links and infrastructure, and our cultural and leisure facilities; across the board we have delivered despite facing unprecedented challenges from the rising costs and reductions in government funding.

Today our budgets are under pressure like never before and it is against this backdrop that we consider this Five-Year Capital Programme. Despite the difficulties of the current economic environment, our top priority is to help keep our young people and families in Carmarthenshire - through investing in job creation, housing, schools and leisure facilities.

As we prioritise our capital investments for 2024/25, we are mindful of the ongoing difficulties faced by our residents.  I am, therefore, delighted that our Cabinet have approved this comprehensive Capital Programme which will boost the local economy and deliver new and improved facilities that can be enjoyed by residents across the County. This is a key pillar of our budget strategy which will contribute towards delivering against our strategic priorities and aspirations as an administration.”

Carmarthenshire County Council’s 2024-25 Five-Year Capital Programme will be presented to Full Council at its meeting on February 28.