Council looks for help to identify individual spotted committing environmental offences

29 days ago

Thank you to those that have helped us with our investigations. A name has been put forward and this investigation is now closed.

Fly-tipping is an offence and an issue that the Council takes very seriously. In February, we issued 29 fixed penalty notices on offences relating to fly-tipping, litter and dog fouling.

To report an incident of fly-tipping visit the Council’s website or call 01267 234567

Carmarthenshire County Council is looking for help to identify an individual caught committing a fly-tipping offence.

On 7 February 2024, a person was captured on CCTV walking towards the waste bin compound for Y Ffwrnes Theatre with a carrier bag. She then discards the bag on the ground outside of the bin compound and walks away, despite signs at the site against fly-tipping.

A still image has been captured from CCTV in relation to the incident with the hope that residents may be able to assist in identifying the individual.  

Cllr Aled Vaughan Owen, Cabinet Member for Climate Change, Decarbonisation and Sustainability said:

We are asking members of the public to help identify the individual captured on CCTV. Our Environment Enforcement Team work hard to ensure that environmental offences are enforced whenever possible to help keep Carmarthenshire clean and to deter future offences.”

If you are able to identify this person call 01267 234567 or email

This information is being disclosed under the exemption from the provisions of the UK General Data Protection Regulation found in Schedule 2, Part 1, paragraph 2 (1) (c) of the Data Protection Act 2018 as not disclosing these images would prejudice the purpose of apprehending or prosecuting an offender.